recycling process

At Polypro Recycling, plastics are our passion. We understand that is not the case for everyone, so we try to make utilizing our services as easy and beneficial to you as possible. There are many parts of our process that may or may not apply to your recycling needs. This article will break down some of the things we do and give you a better understanding of each service we provide as part of our recycling process.

Logistics and Collection

Our most basic service is the collection of plastic material from your business. There are several ways we can proceed in regards to the recycling process. Many businesses will have their own storage solutions for plastics recycling. In situations where a business does not have their own storage, Polypro can have one dropped off at your facility. We can create a recurring schedule for pickups or do a one time pickup if you have a substantial amount of material ready to be moved.

Plastic Materials Testing

Once we have received plastic from a business, we can then submit it to our laboratory for testing. Plastic scrap that has been tested and clearly identified will help Polypro give your business an accurate pricing offer in order to purchase that plastic. For a better understanding of what the tests we perform are, please check out our plastic materials testing page.

Toll Processing

Let Polypro Recycling process your scrap into new material for your business to use. This is a great way for your business to reclaim lost revenue. To get a better idea about some of the things we can do with your plastic scrap, check out our toll processing page.

If you are interested in any of the services we provide at Polypro Recycling, contact us today to set up a consultation or schedule a pickup.