Toll Processing

Let Polypro Recycling process your plastic scrap materials as a service in order to reuse your wasted resources. At our full service recycling facility, we offer a variety of toll processing services including:

  • Plastic Baling
  • Separating metal from plastic materials
  • Removing any dust, fines and powder contaminants from plastic regrinds. (This reduces the risk of burning, blockage or other harmful issues.)
  • Shredding and Granulating

Reclaim Lost Revenue

Does your company want to be more efficient in its plastic manufacturing process? Let us process your plastic waste and scrap materials for you and return them to you for reuse. Now your business can reclaim lost revenue from its plastic resources.

At Polypro Recycling, we offer:

  • State of the art toll processing equipment to ensure high quality plastic regrind
  • Prompt, flexible pick-up options that work with your business’ schedule
  • A professional staff with over 40 years of experience

Call Today

Don’t miss out on opportunities for new revenue by paying landfills to take your plastic scrap. Call Polypro Recycling today to learn more information about our plastic toll processing services and receive a price quote: