plastic pollution

Plastic pollution is a serious issue we are facing today. We are using more plastic than ever and it is causing massive problems, especially in our oceans. However, many people are taking steps to cut down on their plastic use in order to help the environment. There are plenty of ways businesses can push their employees to becoming more aware of the fight against plastic pollution. This article will provide several ways your workplace can begin cutting back on plastic use as soon as today!

A Company-Wide Ban on Disposable Plastic Water Bottles

This is a tough sell for many companies as disposable plastic water bottles do have the benefit of being very convenient. However, it does not take much effort to simply bring a reusable water bottle to work. If you are trying to convince the higher-ups to agree to this change, sell them by saying reducing plastic pollution will be a great PR opportunity for the company.

Clearly Displayed Recycling Containers

If getting people to agree to stop using disposable plastic water bottles just isn’t in the cards for your company, there are still ways to reduce your plastic pollution. Many businesses have both waste bins and recycling bins, but they are poorly marked and inconveniently placed in the offices. To get people to use them correctly, make sure they are easily located and the way they are displayed can leave no doubt as to which bin to use for which items.

Install a Water Cooler

This can go hand in hand with the first suggestion, but if you give people an easy way to refill their own water bottles with fresh clean water they will be willing to part with the disposable bottles. If an employee brings in their own reusable bottle but then has no way to fill it up for the rest of the day, they’ll want to go back to disposable bottles. A water cooler is just another way to make a more eco-friendly work environment.

Work With a Plastic Disposal Company

At Polypro Recycling, we are happy to purchase your plastic waste. Reducing plastic pollution is something our company is very passionate about. If you want to make the environment cleaner, we can help, with the added bonus of providing your businesses with some extra income for setting aside your plastic scrap.

If you would like to discuss options for having Polypro pick up your plastic waste, contact us today.