The Benefits of Working with a Plastic Recycling Company

Working with a Florida plastic recycling company like Polypro Recycling can help your business in a number of different ways.

  • Get Organized. At Polypro Recycling, we can help your business get organized by working with you to create a recycling plan for your plastic scrap. This includes everything from water bottles to auto parts and plastic containers. Not sure where to start? A Polypro representative will visit your business to inspect your plastic waste and determine the best recycling plan for your needs.
  • Gain New Revenue. Instead of paying landfills to take your plastic scrap, Polypro will pay your business to take it for recycling. By working with us, you can turn your waste materials into a new revenue stream. You can always expect prompt payments and accurate prices, determined by testing your plastic materials at our certified testing laboratory.
  • Convenience. We believe in helping your business run efficiently and smoothly, so we will work around your schedule and arrange plastic pickups at times that are convenient for you. We will also come to your business to train your staff on the proper procedures for plastic scrap collection.
  • Help the Environment. At Polypro, we are dedicated to helping the Florida environment, and by selling us your plastic scrap, you can too. Working with a plastic recycling company can help you make a positive impact on the community and boost your business’ reputation.
  • Reuse your Plastic Scrap. With our toll processing service, we can process your plastic materials for reuse. This includes plastic baling, shredding, and removing contaminants. We also sell and deliver processed plastic.

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Polypro Recycling has over 40 years of experience in plastics recycling in Orlando FL, and was recently listed as a resource on the Florida DEP website. Contact us today to learn more about how plastic scrap recycling can help turn plastic waste into a revenue stream for your business.