Polypro Recycling: A Full Service Plastic Recycling Center

At Polypro Recycling, we bring over 40 years of experience to serving our Florida industrial customers. With our convenient plastic scrap pickups, accurate reporting and timely payments, we are committed to keeping businesses moving while helping them bring in new revenue. At our plastic recycling center, we offer a wide range of services for all of your post industrial plastic recycling needs.

Plastic Materials Testing

At Polypro, we buy a wide range of post industrial plastic scrap from companies, including:

  • Plastic water bottles
  • Bumpers and auto parts
  • Totes, crates, and bins
  • Pallets
  • Shrink & stretch film

Before we buy your plastic, you can send us a sample for testing at our certified laboratory. We have several testing abilities we can use to determine the quality and makeup of your plastic material:

  • Specific Gravity/Density
  • FTIR Plastic Identification
  • Ash Content Analysis
  • Melt Flow Index (MFI)

Once we’ve analyzed and tested your plastic scrap, we can accurately determine its value and make you a certified pricing offer. We give you the full information so you’re in charge of gaining new revenue

Toll Processing

At our plastic recycling center, we can process your plastic scrap for you to reuse. Our toll processing capabilities include:

  • Plastic Baling
  • Separating metal from plastic materials
  • Decontaminating plastic regrinds: removing any dust, fines and powder contaminants
  • Granulating and Shredding

We can help you turn your plastic waste material into a new revenue source, saving your company time and money

Contact Us Today

Our full service plastic recycling center has the capabilities to test and process your plastic scrap. Contact Polypro Recycling today to learn how plastic recycling can help your business. If you’re not sure where to start, we can work with you to create a customized recycling plan that works best for your needs.