Easy Ways to Recycle in Orlando

At Polypro Recycling, we help businesses around the Orlando area turn their bulk plastic scrap into cash, with the added benefit of knowing they will be helping the environment. There are a wide variety of plastics that Polypro can pick up from your business.

We are advocates of spreading information about the benefits of recycling. The city of Orlando strives to make recycling easy for its citizens, and even a little recycling can go a long way. Here are some easy ways you can recycle, and how to best recycle certain plastics.

General Recycling Tips

  • Plastic bottles are the most common type of recyclable plastic. Making sure you recycle all your plastic bottles is the most simple and effective way to cut down on waste. Don’t forget to include the caps, as those can also be recycled. Polypro purchases baled bottles from businesses.
  • Plastic bags also account for a large percentage of recyclable plastic. Be sure to recycle them or bring reusable bags to the supermarket to cut down on the amount of plastic bags you are using.
  • Use products with high quality plastic. They will last a long time and will cut down on the amount of plastic you will need to recycle.
  • When possible, avoid using disposable products. Instead, try buying products made from recycled plastic.
  • When purchasing products, give preference to those with the least amount of packaging.

Plastic Bottles/Jugs

Bag your plastic soda bottles, water bottles, milk jugs and other small plastic containers. Totes and bins are easy ways to transfer plastics and make collection simple. If you do this until you have a substantial amount of these recyclables, you can even earn some extra money on the side. Orlando recycling centers will be willing to pay you based on the weight of the plastic you bring in.

Public Recycling

Orlando has many recycling bin locations located throughout the area. As with most cities in Florida, Orlando has recycling programs set up in public places. Containers can be found in parks and recycling centers.

Business Recycling

Reducing, reusing and recycling can help save money in places of business. As a business owner, making sure your business is following the best recycling practices can greatly benefit you, and is much easier than one would expect. You can contact us to make sure you are organized in your implementation of recycling or repurposing plastic materials. Polypro Recycling makes this process convenient for you by picking up your bulk plastics so you don’t have to transport them anywhere.

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