Plastic Recycling Tips

There are many benefits to plastic recycling, including reducing landfill usage and pollution and conserving energy and natural resources. Here are some helpful plastic recycling tips you can use to start helping the environment today.

Easy Everyday Plastic Recycling Tips

  • Recycle every plastic bottle. Americans use tens of billions of plastic water bottles per year, so plastic bottle recycling is a very important part of plastic recycling. Every plastic container with a neck smaller than its body should go in the recycling bin. At Polypro Recycling, we buy baled water bottles from businesses.
  • Don’t forget the caps. Plastic bottle caps are also recyclable, so make sure to twist on the caps back on the bottles before recycling the bottles.
  • Bring plastic bags and wraps to the supermarket. Many supermarkets and retail chains collect plastic grocery bags and plastic wraps for recycling. Check your local store for a recycling bin.
  • Think outside the kitchen. Remember that recyclable plastics are not just found in the kitchen. Shampoo and soap bottles in the bathroom, laundry detergent bottles, and plastic auto parts can all be recycled.
  • Remember to recycle in public. When you’re on the go, remember to seek out public recycling bins at parks or on the beach.
  • Buy recycled. In addition to recycling plastic, try to buy products made from recycled plastic. This can include patio furniture, clothing, storage containers, and more.
  • Know how and where to recycle in your town. Stay informed on your town’s curbside recycling programs and community drop off centers.

Contact Polypro Recycling today to discuss how post industrial plastic recycling can help your business gain new revenue while also helping the environment. We offer a variety of services at our plastic recycling center, and can work with you to create a customized recycling plan that works best for your needs.