Certified Testing Laboratory

Polypro has a certified plastic materials testing laboratory to fully analyze your plastic scrap and determine its value. We offer the following plastic testing capabilities:

FTIR Plastic identification – (Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy) Identifies the key component of a plastic and tests its quality using a high resolution infrared spectrum.

Specific Gravity/Density – Measures the density of a plastic relative to a reference material, such as water.

Melt Flow Index (MFI) – Also called Melt Flow Rate, the MFI measures a plastic’s ability to flow under pressure once melted. Ideally, a plastic should have a MFI high enough to be molded into the required shape, but low enough that the final product will be strong enough for its intended use.

Ash Content Analysis – Also called Ash Testing, this determines whether the plastic material contains any filler content, which affects how the material will perform over its life cycle.

(Any potentially harmful plastic contaminants will be identified as part of the process.)