Polypro Recycling recycled plastic inventory is processed and ready for immediate delivery.  The follow list represents only a small portion of the total available inventory.  If you have a specific material request please contact us to search our vast supply chain network throughout the country.

Grade Product Description Weight Picture
HDPE HMW Regrind .025 – .1 Melt Flow 160,000 lbs. Monthly hmw
HDPE Injection Grade Regrind 5 – 9 Melt Flow 120,000 lbs. Monthly  HDPE Injection Grade Regrind
HDPE Frac Melt Regrind .15 – .55 Melt Flow 120,000 lbs. Monthly hdpe-frac-melt
HDPE Structural Foam Regrind 5 – 9 Melt Flow 80,000 Monthly hdpe-structural-foam
LDPE Cap Regrind   From 5 gal. water bottle caps w/foam and paper   40,000 lbs. Monthly LDPE Cap Regrind
PP Pallet Regrind Mixed Color PP Pallets 80,000 lbs. Monthly pp-pallet-regrind-e1479155157326
PP Corrugated Regrind Post Industrial Mixed Color 80,000 lbs. Monthly pp-corrugated-regrind-1
Polycarb Regrind Blue 5 gal. Water Bottle Regrind 40,000 lbs. Monthly polycarb-regrind-e1479155113628
Expanded (Foamed) PVC Regrind Pure White Post Industrial 40,000 lbs. Monthly Expanded PVC Regrind
HIPS Regrind Mixed Color and Natural Regrind Post Industrial 80,000 lbs. Monthly HIPS Regrind