Polypro Recycling recycled plastic inventory is processed and ready for immediate delivery.  The follow list represents only a small portion of the total available inventory.  If you have a specific material request please contact us to search our vast supply chain network throughout the country.

Grade Product Description Weight Picture
HIPS Repro Black, 4.2 Melt Flow 80,000 lbs. Monthly
HDPE HMW Regrind .025 – .1 Melt Flow 160,000 lbs. Monthly hmw
HDPE Injection Grade Regrind 5 – 9 Melt Flow 120,000 lbs. Monthly  HDPE Injection Grade Regrind
HDPE Frac Melt Regrind .15 – .55 Melt Flow 120,000 lbs. Monthly hdpe-frac-melt
HDPE Structural Foam Regrind 5 – 9 Melt Flow 80,000 Monthly hdpe-structural-foam
LDPE Cap Regrind   From 5 gal. water bottle caps w/foam and paper   40,000 lbs. Monthly LDPE Cap Regrind
PP Pallet Regrind Mixed Color PP Pallets 80,000 lbs. Monthly pp-pallet-regrind-e1479155157326
PP Corrugated Regrind Post Industrial Mixed Color 80,000 lbs. Monthly pp-corrugated-regrind-1
Polycarb Regrind Blue 5 gal. Water Bottle Regrind 40,000 lbs. Monthly polycarb-regrind-e1479155113628
Expanded (Foamed) PVC Regrind Pure White Post Industrial 40,000 lbs. Monthly Expanded PVC Regrind
HIPS Regrind Mixed Color and Natural Regrind Post Industrial 80,000 lbs. Monthly HIPS Regrind